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Film Production and Distribution Company

The goal of APM actions per minute Produções is, within the fiction and documentary fields, to work with established directors, and at the same time to give conditions for young directors to develop new languages and affirm themselves, privileging international co-productions and the exchange of different cinematographic and audiovisual cultures.

And doing justice to the name (APM is the acronym of its founder's name, Ana Pinhão Moura, and the term used in strategy games - usually computer games - in real time, and refers to the total number of actions a player can accomplish within one minute, and a high APM is synonymous of speed, efficiency and precision), APM actions per minute Produções, despite being so young, already has films in competition at the main film festivals, premiered in several countries, good commercial exploitation results, and many ongoing projects.

This recent production company, based in Lisbon, and founded at the end of 2017, has just finished the shooting of the next series by Ivo M. Ferreira, "O AMERICANO" and has just produced the latest film and series by Tiago Guedes, " DIÁLOGOS DEPOIS DO FIM", selected for the IFFR Rotterdam 2024, Mostra de São Paulo and for LEFFEST 23, which will be broadcast on the ARTE KINO channel in April 2024.

At 2022, APM produced the latest feature film by João Mário Grilo, "CAMPO DE SANGUE", which was selected for the Mostra de São Paulo, after having its international debut in the official selection of the Vancouver Festival.

APM co-produced "RESTOS DO VENTO", by Tiago Guedes, which was part of the official selection of the 75th Cannes Festival, out of competition, in 2022; "MOSQUITO", the opening film of the Rotterdam Film Festival 2020, which premiered in Portugal and France and was Portugal's nominee for the Goya 2020; and "RUTH" which premiered in cinemas in Portugal and Mozambique and was in competition at the ARTE Kino.

APM is associate producer of the feature films "THE WORST MAN IN LONDON" by Rodrigo Areias, to be premiered at the IFFR 24`s Big Screen Competition, "ORDEM MORAL" by Mário Barroso, premiered in Portugal and France and was in Mostra de São Paulo, Tokyo Film Festival and Valença Film Festival; "A HERDADE" by Tiago Guedes, in competition in Venice in 2019 and the Portuguese film nominated for the Oscars and Goya; and of "O CADERNO NEGRO" by Valeria Sarmiento, in competition in San Sebastian in 2018.

APM presented a short film in competition at IndieLisboa ("Silvestre" by Rúben Gonçalves), another at the Curtas de Vila do Conde Festival ("Matilde Olha para Trás" by Ana Mariz), having premiered, also at IndieLisboa, the short "Errar a Noite" by Flávio Gonçalves, which has made a considerable career in international festivals, despite the pandemic times we lived.

At the moment, "O Americano"`post production is underway, and APM is in the development phase of Mário Barroso's next feature film, "O MISTÉRIO DE CAROLINA L.", preparing "ELA OLHAVA SEM NADA VER" , a feature film directed by Fanny Ardant and the documentary series "O GOSTO DO RISCO, the risk of taste: Paulo Branco, a history of cinema", which will be Ana Pinhão Moura's directorial debut. 

Furthermore, APM has also proven itself to be a cinema distributor, with eclectic choices.


  • Producer

    Ana Pinhão Moura

    In 1994, at the age of 19 and while still studying at the Cinema School of the National Conservatory, Ana Pinhão Moura began working for the television production company MMM as a script supervisor and assistant director in television programs: from alternative fashion magazines such as "86-60-86" to large studio productions such as "NOITE DE REIS". Producers José Eduardo Moniz and Gabriela Sobral soon noticed her production skills and quickly entrusted her to head their teams.

    In 1996, she finished her editing course and went to Macau to produce her childhood friend Ivo M. Ferreira's first film, "O HOMEM DA BICICICLETA", and what was supposed to be a small documentary made by a group of friends, ended up as a medium-length film, winning prizes in several festivals.

    In 1997, she returned to Portugal, and headed up the production of dozens of television programs, music videos, events, documentaries, airtime and advertising campaigns for major agencies.

    In 2000, Luís Osório invited her to be the executive producer of Mínima Ideia, where they presented some of the most iconic programs of the beginning of the century (Loja do cidadão, Zapping, O Trabalho, Fenómeno, etc), where, betting heavily on docudrama, they developed new languages and launched young creators like Tiago Rodrigues, Nuno Costa Santos, Luís Filipe Borges and Alexandre Borges.

    In 2002, Ana decided it was time to venture into a new challenge, and her love for cinema spoke louder: she sent her curriculum to the most renowned and prolific producer in the country, Paulo Branco, and was immediately invited to be the Production Director of "VAI E VEM", the last film by João César Monteiro. She then worked for almost 20 years as a "permanent" production director/executive producer at Madragoa Filmes, Clap Filmes, República Films, Alfama Films and Leopardo Filmes.

    Since then (although she has occasionally worked as a freelance producer for advertisements, video-art installations by Julião Sarmento and a feature film by Bruno de Almeida, "LOVEBIRDS") she has been Paulo Branco's right-hand woman, working as her Executive Producer, on films all over the world, and with renowned directors such as Raul Ruiz, Werner Schroeter or Benoît Jacquot, and having been responsible for the production of the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival, since its launch in 2007, until its consolidation in 2014, when the volume of productions became so high that Ana had to leave the festival to take over the direction of the Film Department at Leopardo Filmes, where she was responsible for all applications, productions and post-productions.

    Alongside, since 2014, Ana Pinhão Moura was the manager of Alfama Films Production, in Portugal, where she was the producer of "POSTO-AVANÇADO DO PROGRESSO" by Hugo Vieira da Silva and the serial version of "A HERDADE" by Tiago Guedes, already broadcasted with excellent results by RTP, ARTE France and HBO Portugal.

    And without renouncing her past, and with pride in everything she has learned from some of the biggest names in national cinema and audiovisual with whom she has had the honor of working - José Eduardo Moniz and Gabriela Sobral (1994-1998), Diamantino Ferreira and Alexandre Reina (1999), Luís Osório and Tiago Rodrigues (2000-2002), and Paulo Branco (2002-2020) - the time has come for Ana Pinhão Moura to move forward on her own, creating her own production company: the APM actions per minute Produções.